Why Use MyKardz?

MyKardz is a social knowledge and information networking and sharing web site that allows registered users to share index cards with others and follow topics and like-minded users.

MyKardz is based on Spaced Learning techniques.

MyKardz is about one thing and that is to help individuals to retain more information and keep all their findings at your finger tips and ultimately to grow their success.

What you know is a powerful tool and is the foundation for important decisions, and your success.

We believe that the knowledge you retain and recall fast will create many opportunities for you and will ultimately determine the direction of your career success.

MyKardz is your accumulative knowledge base. You choose to share your index cards or to keep them private to yourself. MyKardz sets you apart from others, and allows you to set yourself as an expert in a single or multiple subject areas.

Our goal is simple: help individuals to become more productive, stay knowledgeable, retain more information, keep up to date, set themselves apart, stay competitive and ultimately successful.

In Summary MyKardz:

Please contact us at info@mykardz.com